Inmate Call Savings Program - Best Call Quality - Lowest Prices

Inmates can save up to 85% off the cost of making long distance calls from Federal and State prisons, and from local county jails. Our service provider offers the lowest domestic and international rates with top rated call quality and customer service!

Xaxis has negotiated the very best prices available for you and your inmate to start saving money today!

Federal and state prisons, and local county jails, gouge inmates and their families by charging excessive amounts of money for calls that cost them next to nothing!

The Federal Bureau of Prisons charges $3.15 a call ($65 a month) for 15 minute calls inside the United States, $8.25 per call to Mexico ($165 per month), and up to $14.85 a call ($297 a month for international calls!  State prisons and county jails are often worse!  The inmate call companies offer a huge kickbacks to the jails and prisons and you have to pay for it!

Xaxis' Inmate Call Program, offered in cooperation with our website, charges flat monthly rates for unlimited federal, state and county jail inmates, saving them money by providing them a local (not long distance) number to call that is redirected to any phone you want anywhere with no long distance charges, ever!  Federal unlimited calls through our custom number local to your inmate's prison, are just $11.95 a month to any domestic phone! 

State and local unlimited domestic calls for just $24.95!  With many state prisons and most county jails this can literally save you thousands of dollars a year! 

We offer the the guaranteed lowest rates for international calls!

Make money with our customer referral program, earn up to $1,000 per month when you refer other inmates and their families to our award winning service.  Keep the money yourself, or have us send it directly to your inmate!  Click here to learn more!